Tuesday, May 25, 2010

50 Most Intriguingly Bizarre Animated Films I've Seen

Now it's time to belatedly publish that list. I'd wanted to have a point system, but the points were in a notebook that was thrown away, so I can't remember all the points or how I'd scored everything. I remember that the scale was out of 40 points and that each film had to get at least 25 to qualify. The highest, The Cosmic Eye, got 38.

The general rules were:
1. Must be 45 minutes long
2. Must not be derivative of a television series
3. Must not tread too far on rotoscoping/live action
4. If it's just deliberately being strange for its own sake with no good reason, it didn't make the list.

The film must be 45 minutes long, meaning 45 minutes completed. One film on this list stretches the rule. Waltz with Bashir could be argued to stretch the rules on rotoscoping. I've discovered many films after the point system got screwed up, and will mention many of them at some point in the future. Many of the film's orders I'd reconsider, and the list is quite short on stop motion entries which would be fixed if I still had the numbers. Be forewarned that a very large number of these films are not suitable for children, and that this list was not made with druggies in mind. A couple films which you might like were originally on the end of the list but got knocked off when more suitable entries appeared. Enjoy the list, however patchy it is right now. Somebody will surely make a better one at some point in the future.

50. Little Nemo's Adventures in Slumberland

49. Puss 'n Boots

48. Sea Prince and the Fire Child

47. My Neighbors the Yamadas

46. Aladdin

45. Heavy Metal

44. Twice upon a Time

43. Yobi the Five Tailed Fox

42. Little Prince and the Eight Headed Dragon

41. Waltz with Bashir

40. The Triplets of Belleville

39. Wizards

38. The Tune

37. Alice in Wonderland

36. Everybody Rides the Carousel

35. Akira

34. Neo Tokyo

33. Hair High

32. Gwen the Book of Sand

31. Sita Sings the Blues

30. Fantasia

29. Johnny Corncob

28. A Soldier's Tale

27. Tekkon Kinreet

26. I Married a Strange Person

25. Robot Carnival

24. Uproar in Heaven

23. Night on the Galactic Railroad

22. Krysar

21. Hugo the Hippo

20. The District!

19. The Adventures of Mark Twain

18. Fantastic Planet

17. Nezha Conquers the Dragon King

16. Midori

No Footage Available

15. Of Stars and Men

No Footage Available

14. The Adventures of Prince Achmed

13. Angel's Egg

12. Dead Leaves

11. Time Masters

10. Yellow Submarine

9. The Thief and the Cobbler (recobbled)

8 Paprika

7. Beyond the Mind's Eye

6. Mind Game

5. Belladonna of Sadness

4. Son of the White Mare

3. The Cat who Walked by Herself

2. Chronopolis

1. The Cosmic Eye

No Footage Available

I'll see what I can find for these films, but for now I have to post this list because it's been so long. The next post will be about realistic character animation, and to a lesser extent, serious animation if anybody happens to stumble by this blog. I need to write a bit more about each one at some point, so I'll either edit this post or I'll describe them more in future posts.

edit-clip now available for Everybody Rides the Carousel
edit 2-Waltz with Bashir was not rotoscoped as I originally wrote.