List of Movies

Here is a list of good obscure animated feature films, currently updated until the year 2000. (a/la) means the film contains both live action and animation. This list will be updated to contain more recent films and perhaps to include more information and links in the future. Stay tuned.

The Adventures of Prince Achmed


1947-The Czech Year-Jiri Trnka
The Humpbacked Horse-Ivan Ivano-Vano

1949-The Emperor's Nightingale-Jiri Trnka
1950-Prince Bajaja-Jiri Trnka

1951-The Night Before Christmas-Valentina and Zinaida Brumberg

1952-The Scarlet Flower-Lev Atamanov
The Snow Maiden-Ivan Ivanov-Vano and Alexandra Snezhnoblotskaya

1953-Old Czech Legends-Jiri Trnka

1954-Animal Farm-John Halas and Joy Batchelor

1955-The Devil and Kate-Václav Bedřich

1956-The Twelve Months- Ivan Ivanov-Vano and Mikhail Botov

1957-The Snow Queen-Lev Atamanov

1958-Beloved Beauty-Vladimir Degtyarev

1959-The Adventures of Buratino-Ivan Ivanov-Vano, Dimitry Babichenko, and Mikhail Botov
A Midsummer Night's Dream-Jiri Trnka

1960-It Was I Who Drew the Little Man-Valentina Brumberg, Zinaida Brumberg, and Valentin Lalayants

1961-The Key- Lev Atamanov

1962-The Bath-Anatoliy Karanovich and Sergei Yutkevich
Heaven and Earth Magic-Harry Smith
The Wild Swans-Mikhail Tsekhanovsky and Vera Tsekhanovskaya

1963-The Little Prince and the Eight Headed Dragon- Yūgo Serikawa
Wan Wan the Doggy- Daisaku Shirakawa

1964- Lefty-Ivan Ivanov-Vano and Vladimir Danilevich
Of Stars and Men-John Hubley
Havoc in Heaven-Wan Laiming

1966- Go There, Don't Know Where-Ivan Ivanov-Vano and Vladimir Danilevich

1967- The Theater of Mr. And Madame Kabal-Walerian Borowzyk

1968- Adam 2-Jan Lenica (I'm not sure what happened to it, but if somebody finds a copy, I want to see it.)
Hols: Prince of the Sun-Isao Takahata
Out of an Old Man's Head(la/a)-Per Åhlin and Tage Danielsson

1969-Mystery Bouffe-David Cherkasskiy
One Thousand and One Nights- Eiichi Yamamoto and Osamu Tezuka
The Wonderful World of Puss 'n Boots-Kimio Yabuki

1970-Cleopatra: Queen of Sex-Eiichi Yamamot and Osamu Tezuka

1971-Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves-Hiroshi Shidara
Animal Treasure Island-Hiroshi Ikeda
The Point!-Fred Wolf

1973-Belladonna of Sadness-Eiichi Yamamoto
Fantastic Planet-Rene Laloux
Hugo the Hipoo-William Feigenbaum and Jozsef Gemes
Johnny Corncob-Marcell Jankovics

1974-Adventures of Sinbad the Sailor-Karl Zeman

1975-Coonskin-Ralph Bakshi
Dick Deadeye, or Duty Done-Bill Melendez
Everybody Rides the Carousel-John Hubley
Pinchcliffe Grand Prix-Ivo Caprino

1977-Allegro non Troppo-Bruno Bozzetto
Krabat-The Sorceror's Apprentice- Karl Zeman
The Mouse and his Child-Fred Wolf
Wizards-Ralph Bakshi

1978-Ringing Bell-Masami Hata

1979-Foam Bath(Habfurdo)-György Kovásznai
Galaxy Express 999-Rintaro
Lupin the Third: Castle of Cagliostro-Hayao Miyazaki
Nezha Conquers the Dragon King-Yan Dingxian, Wang Shuchen and Xu Jingda
Taro the Dragon Boy_ Kiriro Urayama
Ubu and the Grand Gidouille-Jan Lenica

1980-The King and the Mockingbird-Paul Grimault
Twelve Months-Kimio Yabuki

1981-Chie the Brat-Isao Takahata
Grendel Grendel Grendel-Alexander Stitt
The Magical Forest(Maria, Mirabela)-Ion Popescu-Gopo
The Mystery of the Third Planet-Roman Kachanov
The Sea Prince and the Fire Child-Masami Hata
Son of the White Mare-Marcell Jankovics
Vuk-Attila Dargay

1982-Autumn-Andrei Khrzhanovsky
Chronopolis-Piotr Kamler
Gauche the Cellist-Isao Takahta
Heroic Times-Jozsef Gemes
The Treasure Planet(Planetata na sakrovishtata)-Rumen Petkov

1983-Barefoot Gen-Mori Masaki
Legend of Sealed Book-Wang Shuchen
No-White(Hofeher)- Jozsef Nepp
Twice Upon a Time-John Korty and Charles Swenson
The Wind in the Willows-Mark Hall and Chris Taylor

1984-Samson and Sally-Jannik Hastrup
The Soldier's Tale-R.O. Blechman
Szaffi-Attila Dargay
The Tale of Tsar Saltan-Lev Milchin and Ivan Ivanov-Vano

1985-The Adventures of Mark Twain
Angel's Egg-Mamoru Oshii
The Dagger of Kamui-Rintaro
Gwen, the Book of Sand- Jean-Francois Laguionie
Krysar-Jiri Barta
Night on the Galactic Railroad-Gisaburo Sugli

1986-The Cosmic Eye-Faith Hubley
When the Wind Blows-Jimmy Murakami

1987-The Amazing Mr. Bickford-Bruce Bickford
The Big Bang(X-rated)-Picha
Grimm Douwa Kin No Tori-Toshio Hirata
Laughter and Grief by the White Sea-Leonid Nosyrev
Neo Tokyo-Rintaro, Yoshiaki Kawajiri and Katsuhiro Otomo
Robot Carnival-Numerous Directors
Twilight of the Cockroaches-Hiroaki Yoshida

1988-The Cat who Walked By Herself-Ideya Garina
Light Years-Rene Laloux

1989-Like the Clouds, Like the Wind-Hisauki Toriyumi
Treasure Island-David Cherkasskiy

1990-The Flying Sneaker(a/la)-Bretislav Pojar
The Fool of the World and the Flying Ship-Francois Vose

1991-Eneida-Vladimir Dahno
Underwater Berets-Numerous Directors

1992-Beyond the Mind's Eye-Numerous Directors
The Tune-Bill Plympton

1993-Comet in Moominland-Hiroshi Saito
Opera Imaginaire-Numerous Directors
The Secret Adventures of Tom Thumb(a/la0-Dave Borthwick
The Thief and the Cobbler(unfinished)-Richard Williams

1994-Felidae-Michael Shaack
Catnapped!-Takashi Nakamura

1995-The Diary of Anne Frank-Akinori Nagaoka
Drawn from Memory-Paul Fierlinger

1996-Spring and Chaos

1997-I Married a Strange Person!-Bill Plympton

1998-Luminous Visions-Steven Churchill

2000-Princes and Princesses-Michel Ocelot


Anonymous said...


I've been trying to find a specific animated Euopean film. The film was in English. The working title during production was "Kal" but who knows if they changed it. The story was about a man, a Master or guru of sorts that takes a 10 year old boy under his wing and they go traveling around the world as the old man teaches the boy about life. They see and encounter many animals. The master wore a long, grey garment that goes to the ground. Production occurred in 1991 or 1992 which means if they were on time with their schedule, the copyright would have been 92 or 93. You sound as though you have a knack for finding rare films. Have you heard of this film? Any idea of where I could find it? It would mean a great deal to me! I can't find it anywhere! Email me at

Marnix Visscher said...

Do you own a copy of Adam 2 from 1968? I've been searching for so long and would really like to see it. you could shoot me an email at

GW said...

Sorry. I'm only including it on here based on what I've seen in still images and from the quality of his other film, Ubu and the Grande Gidouille. There's some suspicious torrent sites that claim to have it but want you to sign up. I'm reasonably sure that it's fake because if it weren't then somebody would have likely already noticed and re-uploaded it on a less suspicious site.

sunniva said...

Does anybody know where to find a copy of Jiri Trnkas prince Bajaja?
It seems impossible!Please contact me at

GW said...

I should let people know that I'm using this page to display good obscure animations all in one place regardless of availability. I'm working on a new page that shows what films are available where.

Lisa said...

Hello, my friend has been trying to find European animated movie. For years. It was about family of rabbits or mice. They’re going to celebrate Christmas. And their Christmas tree was decorated by heart shaped cookie. The bear stole this heart from them. It would be so good if you can help find that movie

GW said...

You can find it faster if you recall what medium it appeared to be. If it's from a while back it's probably hand drawn or stop motion. I haven't heard of this movie, so it's probably relatively short, from a more recent year where there's many more movies, or it is a Christmas special. Can you give me a rough idea of when they saw it and in what country-presumably an English speaking one?

Lisa said...

Thank you for an answer. It was at end of 90-s or early 2000-s. It was translated to Russian, and called like “Honey Cookie”. I assumed that it can be Croatian film, cause of heart-shaped Christmas cookie