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For this list I tried to find whether a film can be found. Some films may have the wrong year. Also, some films that I put on the other list like Wizards I didn't find obscure enough to put on here. I might develop a standardized system to describe the film's availability. I didn't post links for online versions because if I do, it makes it easier for the wrong person to find it. This list has been a long time coming and I hope it's not too much of a letdown. For the future I might make icons to make it easier to read. For now though, enjoy what is the only list I know of for availability of a wide variety of obscure animated films. Enjoy and I'll hopefully another gem will get ignored by the mainstream so I'll have some new films to post about.

The Adventures of Prince Achmed-

The Czech Year-Cannot find. If you have more information on it please let me know.

The Humpbacked Horse-Only available as The Magic Pony VHS. Watch it online. I won't link to it here because the video might get taken down over time.

The Emperor and the Nightingale-

The Night Before Christmas-Available online

The Scarlet Flower-Available online only

The Snow Maiden-Available online only

Old Czech Legends-available unsubtitled online only

Animal Farm-

The Devil and Kate-available unsubtitled online only

The Twelve Months-available online only

The Snow Queen-English Dub

Beloved Beauty-Available on Russian DVD

The Adventures of Buratino-Out of print DVD available through secondhand sellers

A Midsummer Night's Dream-DVD available but unsure of legitimacy

It Was I Who Drew the Little Man-Only Russian version available on DVD, English subtitled version available online

The Key-English version available online only

The Bath-Available in English online only

Heaven and Earth Magic-VHS available but few are left and are outrageously expensive. Available online until it gets released on home video again

The Wild Swans-Available on Russian DVD, available English subtitled online only

The Little Prince and the Eight Headed Dragon-Available on Japanese DVD only

Doggie March-Home video availability unknown, torrents may be available

Left Hander-Russian language DVD available, no English version known

Of Stars and Men-DVD out of print, available online only

Havoc In Heaven-Available through Amazon Video

Go There, Don't Know Where-Available on Russian DVD, unsubtitled version available online

Theatre of Mr. and Mrs. Kabal-Available through Amazon on Blu Ray

Hols: Prince of the Sun-Available through Amazon

Out of an Old Man's Head-availability unknown, check torrents

One Thousand and One Nights-Available on Japanese DVD, English language check torrents

The Wonderful World of Puss 'n Boots-English language DVD out of print

Cleopatra: Queen of Sex-Available online only

Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves-Japanese language release upcoming

Animal Treasure Island-English DVD available

The Point-DVD available

Belladonna of Sadness-English language Blu Ray available

Fantastic Planet-Subtitled and dubbed in English

Hugo the Hippo-English language DVD available

Johnny Corncob(Janos Vitez)-Hungarian language DVD available

The Adventures of Sinbad the Sailor-Confusing listing of several titles from Karel Zeman

Coonskin-DVD available

Dick Deadeye or Duty Done-Outrageously priced VHS, look for it online

Everybody Rides the Carousel-Find the DVD at a library or watch it online

Pinchcliffe Grand Prix- English language DVD available

Allegro non Troppo-Available for purchase at a high price, find available for rent

The Mouse and his Child-High priced VHS available, check for the film online

Krabat The Sorceror's Apprentice-One suspicious seller called Czech Movie

Ringing Bell-English(not sure if subtitled or dubbed)DVD available

Foam Bath-Available online only with English subtitles

Galaxy Express 999-English language DVD available

Nezha Conquers the Dragon Kings-Conflicting page with limited information

Taro the Dragon Boy-English subtitled DVD out of print, try to rent it somewhere

The King and the Mockingbird-Available for multi-region DVD player or PAL player with English subtitles

Twelve Months-Available on VHS English dubbed, If you don't have a VHS player look for it online

Chie the Brat-Japanese DVD may be available

Grendel Grendel Grendel-Available on several formats with English subtitles

Maria Mirabela-Romanian or possibly Russian language DVDs available

Mystery of the Third Planet-Badly dubbed version available on DVD, Look for subtitled version online if not satisfied

The Sea Prince and the Fire Child(Legend of Sirius)-English subtitled and dubbed DVD available

Son of the White Mare-Try searching for 'Feherlofia' through a search engine if looking for the original language DVD, English subtitled version not currently available online

Vuk-released in English on VHS as "The Little Fox", no subtitled English version available online

Autumn-Unsure of Russian language release, available online in Russian only

Chronopolis-wordless animation available on DVD with other shorts(Not sure if PAL or NTSC)

Gauche the Cellist-No video release in English yet, Look for English language version online

Treasure Planet-No English video release available, see previous post on it

Barefoot Gen-English language DVD available for outrageous price, Look for it online

Legend of Sealed Book-Available on Chinese DVD, As of yet not translated into English

No-White(Hofeher) -Available on Hungarian DVD, English version available online

Twice Upon a Time-Available on DVD

The Wind in the Willows-Available on Blu Ray and DVD

Samson and Sally-American version available on pan and scan VHS with some scenes removed, British VHS uncut available but rare, Danish version available on DVD

The Soldier's Tale-DVD available through Amazon, R.O. Blechman's website also shows the film

Szaffi-Hungarian DVD available, English subtitled probably illegitimate available through Ebay

The Tale of Tsar Saltan-Available on Russian DVD with other movies, Available English subtitled online

The Adventures of Mark Twain-Available through multiple sources

Angel's Egg-Look for it online with English subtitles

The Dagger of Kamui-Available on DVD with English subtitles

Gwen, The Book of Sand-French DVD available, otherwise look for it online with English subtitles

Night on the Galactic Railroad-DVD available with English dub or subtitles, available for a higher than normal price on amazon

The Cosmic Eye-Available only on the out of print collection Art and Jazz in Animation, Watch it online

Krysar-Look for it on the DVD Jiri Barta: Labyrinth of Darkness

The Amazing Mr. Bickford-Available on VHS for high price, Look for it online

The Big Bang(X-rated)-Available on English DVD but seller won't ship to the United States

Laughter and Grief by the White Sea-Available with English subtitles online only

Neo Tokyo-English DVD out of print and goes for high prices, Look for it for rental at any remaining video store or look for it to watch online

Robot Carnival-Available on DVD with English dub and subtitles

Twilight of the Cockroaches-English dub available on VHS

The Cat Who Walked By Herself-Available on Russian compilation DVD, English subtitled version only available online

Treasure Island-DVD available with English language and subtitles

Like the Clouds, Like the Wind-Released on Japanese DVD, English version available online only

The Flying Sneaker(The Butterflies Time-Unsure whether Czech language DVD exists but probably does. An old English language DVD may exist though it's unclear whether this is legitimate.

The Fool of the World and the Flying Ship-English language PAL DVD exists but is out of print. Look for it online.

Eneida-Unsure of Ukrainian DVD. Has not been translated into English

Underwater Berets-Unsure of Russian DVD release. Not translated into English AFAIK.

Beyond the Mind's Eye-DVD available

The Tune-DVD available

Comet in Moominland-DVD available for outrageous price, can't seem to find it online

Opera Imaginaire-Look for used VHS or look for it online

The Secret Adventures of Tom Thumb-Look for the DVD online

The Thief and the Cobbler-Look for the recobbled cut. Garret Gilchrist explores the choices here.

Felidae-DVD available for outrageous prices, look for it online

Catnapped!-Available on DVD for outrageous prices, look for it online

The Diary of Anne Frank(anime)-No English language DVD release, look for it online.

Drawn from Memory-Buy the DVD here.

Spring and Chaos-DVD double a reasonable price, look for it online and buy it if you really like it

I Married a Strange Person!-Stream it online, buy it online

Luminous Visions-Rent it or buy it used for relatively cheap

Princes and Princesses-For sale cheap on Ebay but might be illegitimate, Look for it online but be careful of scams

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