Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Uproar in Heaven online with English subtitles

For those who've long waited patiently to see one of China's greatest animated features, it is now finally online with English subtitles on Crunchy Roll. I'll wait until later for a larger write up, but am I the only person who finds it rather odd that Nezha is a villain in this movie and the hero in Nezha Conquers the Dragon Kings? There seems to be a bit of inspiration from The Adventures of Prince Achmed, particularly with the style of the layered backgrounds, the shape shifting battle sequence, and the aura around Sun Wukong after the mountain crumbles which looks like the effects of Aladdin's lamp.

The link for Uproar in Heaven:

There's also the English dub of the later movie, Nezha on Youtube, though it has some major changes from the Chinese version. It's easy enough to find with a one word search.


Akasaru said...

I've read Journey to the West. Nezha wasn't technically a villain. He and Wukong were just on opposite sides. They later team up and are pretty much friends.

GW said...

Thank you for the explanation, and I admit that I am ignorant of Journey to the West. What interested me was that in the context of the films that Nezha was fighting for the honor of an overly proud ruling class and against the main character. Clearly both sides are a bit too cocky for their own good, and I probably should have been more specific in my original post.

Thank you for your input.