Saturday, April 2, 2011

The Turn of the World of the Sweethearts of Peynet

A youtube user from Japan, Pecohara, uploaded the English dub to this Italian/French co-production directed by Cesare Perfetto.

Once you've seen it, if you have an IMDb account, please rate it.

This is the English dubbed version. I recommend this film more for the creativity than for the actual plot line which is basically a tour through various places in time, more worthy of a television special than a film. However, you get an interesting tour through dictatorial Greece which isn't the sort of thing you'd see on Wacky Races.

Enjoy the film. It doesn't seem to have any release, even with Italian or French amazon.

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Anonymous said...

To see the last 5 min or so of the film go here:

Just be aware that it is in Italian but you can still follow the story,