Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Abstract Animation Ought to be Mainstream

I think that somebody ought to create an abstract animated feature film and give it a mainstream international theatrical release. Think of the potential. It could be divided into different segments featuring an individual animation media. One could be hand painted animation, one could be claymation, one could be 3D computer animated, and one could be a collage of fractal imagery. The movie wouldn't make much money right away but could be very profitable in the long term as it would have very limited competition. The only competition would be from The Mind's Eye series and Animusic and those would only compete with it during the home video stage.

The film could play on emotions. One section could be themed to claustrophobia, another could be the disappearance of everything that comes with death. There could be journeys on abstract highways, conflicts of simple shapes, journeys through disgusting looking nightmare-scapes. A segment could even be devoted to procreation with shapes touching each other and making another shape with attributes of both shapes. What might the MPAA rate the film if it did? People might want to see the film just to see why it's rated PG-13 or higher(or the closest in your country's rating system). It could be the animated equivalent of Link Wray's song Rumble where it earns notoriety just by the way it looks.

Would you pay to see an abstract animated film in theaters? Would you sit through the one that already exists today? It's called "Ere erera baleibu icik subua aruaren." I found a video clip which is apparently him talking about the film in Spanish. Any help from Spanish speakers to figure out what he's saying would be greatly appreciated.

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