Monday, August 1, 2016

Dick Deadeye, Or Duty Done on YouTube

I've gotten out of the habit of searching for good animated films on the web. This feature, based on Gilbert and Sullivan operas and the drawings of Ronald Searle is a film that many have been dying to see. I hope you like it and maybe some day you'll be able to own it on DVD or Blu Ray. Enjoy and feel free to comment below if you enjoyed the film.

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TwoHeadedBoy said...

I went as far as tracking down the VHS of this, such was my desire to see it after reading about it in Jerry Beck's Animated Movie Guide.

Glad I did, absolutely loved it and have watched it three times since my initial viewing (with someone different each time).

Typically, it appeared on YouTube about two months after I got the VHS! Ah well, it's there for more people to see now, always a good thing.

Nice to see this blog's still going, by the way - too many of my favourites have disappeared!