Thursday, June 24, 2021

Cosmic Boy

 I got a hold of the movie Cosmic Boy from the Ottawa International Animation Festival's Aniboutique store.

Garoto Cósmico or Cosmic Boy

Directed by Alê Abreu

The premise is interesting enough. Kids from a monotonous automated planet where everything is controlled escape through shafts in order to find a way to score more 'points' and go to a 'grown up child' planet. They get lost and meet a mischievous cat who runs afoul of the authorities and they end up on a faraway planet with a circus visiting it. They learn of an evil fog monster that makes everything under its influence dreary and dull. You can probably guess much of the rest, if not just from my partial synopsis then from the images in the trailer.

The film is creative but it suffers from some often annoying characters  like the clown Moe Moe(may have the name slightly wrong) and limited animation. Also the plot is fairly predictable from about halfway through. I give it a 6 out of 10 for good effort but Abreu's second film, The Boy and the World is a clear improvement with a more fully realized art style and a less silly premise.

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