Saturday, January 26, 2019

Most Interesting (Probably) Untranslated Films From Europe

First we have what appears to be a good hand drawn film I can find from Czechoslovakia which is more known for its puppet films.It is directed by Vaclav Bedrich from the year 1955. Here is a torrent site which has the film on it. Be warned that this site may not be completely safe.!aUfwZhDy/cert-a-kaca-55-animovany-dvbt-cz-romin-avi

Next we have from 1969, Ukraine's animated film Mystery Bouffe directed by David Cherkasskiy. This film has live action, cutouts, and hand drawn animation.

The next animated film that intrigues me is a film from Spain from the Basque directed by Juan Batista Berasategui. Its title is loosely translated as Pumpkin Tripod according to Google Translate. It seems like a very interesting surprise so far. It would have probably gone pretty far up on my Most Intriguingly Bizarre Animated Films list.

Then we move onto the more interesting of what seem to be Latvia's two animated features: The Cat's Windmill directed by Roze Stiebra in 1994.

These are the European animated films which are probably untranslated into English which I found the most interesting. There are some interesting films from other places that haven't gotten much attention so I may just do a post on some of those. If there is anybody out there who speaks one of these languages in addition to English, maybe you could translate one of these films and in so doing, bring them the attention of a larger audience.

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